The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck

Key ideas:


You do stuff for a reason. Values one choses to do something should not be external and uncontrollable. As a rule of thumb, if one can't control the values (external acceptance or appreciation, change of someone else's behavior) those values are not worth pursuing. Primary reason lies in the fact that the feedback on your progress or success is at best very subjective and at worse is objectively unknowable in principle. Values that one can control directly are good. I.e. I'll learn to draw because I want to express certain visual ideas is a good value, while I'll learn to draw to become a popular artist is a bad value. The former value is controllable and can be objectively judged: I now have gained an ability to express my ideas in a visually coherent way. The later value is very subjective. It is impossible to control how others value your work as well as control popularity. Values that lack direct control cause confusion, frustration and eventually kill motivation. By choosing a controllable value, other less controllable and external values, come as a bonus - for free: I've learned to expressed my ideas in visually coherent and understandable way - others may appreciate and express their affection. 

Accepting Responsibility

When a situation is caused or provoked by one's actions, the responsibility of dealing with the consequences are given. On the opposite side of the spectrum are situations that happen without our intention. No matter what happened, no matter wether one was in control of the situation - one must accept responsibility of dealing with consequences. There is no way around it. Even if one chooses to do nothing - one accepts responsibility of the consequences of doing nothing. Let's say someone left a child at one's doorstep. One can take the child home, take it to an orphanage, call police, or do nothing. Even the "do nothing choice" has consequences that one will have to face with, though the child on the doorstep was not one's action. Just deal with it!

Just do stuff. 

There is a loop - inspiration -> motivation -> process. The order is not necessary. You can start the process and the results will bring inspiration, which will bring motivation. Think of this triad as a loop, where one can choose an arbitrary point for a start. While inspiration and motivation is subjectivly harder to control, process can be started any moment.