Forest Tranquility. Limited Print


Forest Tranquility. Limited Print



"Forest Tranquility" is a way to transport yourself away from urban noises, everyday problems and into the tranquility of fresh air and perfect weather. 

Limited Edition

All my prints are of limited edition. I only ever do 10 prints of each. I usually leave 1/10 for myself, while the 2/10 is intended for gallery use. Any print of the rest 3/10-10/10 will be sold on-line or through various galleries. Once 10/10 print is produced, I destroy all copies of the digital negative and make sure to never print the image again. I also contact two printing labs I use and ensure they don't have a copy I used for printing.


I use two distinctively different processes for printing. Each of them is unique and tailored to different customers. Some of you like traditional silver gelatin prints while some may enjoy a modern print on a piece of aluminum metal. Both prints result in a timeless gallery quality print that will last more than a lifetime.

Silver gelatin prints are done on Ilford Galerie RC paper. This paper is exposed to the light projection of my work and developed using traditional chemical process. The result is a very detailed and high contrast print which preserves all the finest details I capture with my Leica M Monochrom black and white camera. These types of prints look great when ramed, matted and under the glass.

Aluminum metal prints use different technology. First, a paper print is produced with a special ink. Then the ink is transferred to the piece of aluminum. Aluminum is then coated with a glossy surface to create a 3D effect and protect the print. The end result is a marvel of modern engineering – an artwork that will outlast generations. 

These prints look great in their full-size glory of 36" by 24". If you require a smaller print I can do that as well. However, neither size of the print nor chosen printing technology will affect the price. This is a limited edition print and only 10 of these will ever be printed. Your choice of a smaller print size is simply a convenience. 


Depending on the type of the printing technology, it takes 5 to 10 business days to create the print. Both methods I use are quite complex and require time and precision to achieve ultimate quality. Once the lab delivers a print to me I inspect it to make sure it is exactly how I intended the image to look. I will sign the print addressed personally to you and will also put a number ##/10 indicating that it is a limited print. This print is then wrapped and packaged thoroughly to secure its safe delivery to you. I always ship using insured FedEx or UPS services and take good care of packaging to make certain it arrives to you in pristine condition. 

Special Notes

Prints are shipped unframed. Aluminum metal prints don't require a frame and look much better on the wall in their raw form. I strongly recommend to frame silver gelatin prints professionally to preserve their flatness and protect them from dust and possible accidents. 

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