Monochrom Friday. Day 20

It has been 20 straight days since I've started posting my daily pictures taken with Leica M Monochrom (246). Originally I wrote every emotional review about the camera and I can still sign under every word - it truly is an amazing camera.

Unfortunately, I forgot my laptop this weekend. On Friday night, my wife Camilla and I gathered our things and went for a weekend retreat to Las Vegas to celebrate her birthday. I just got my hands on the files and will be posting Friday - Monday gap that is currently missing. 

It started with my usual work day. On my way to lunch I got a few lovely snaps.

At around 5 pm we boarded our car and went to Vegas. Friday traffic made our arrival around midnight. Since there was no moon that day I could take a few pictures of the night sky in the desert. I guess astrophotography is not MM246's thing.