Monochrom Tuesday. Day 17 - Part 1

Today I had to swing by the storage where I keep a few of my belongings. It's a very interesting place for photography. I took a few snapshots while hauling around stuff from my car to the unit. After I have unloaded my car I took my Leica Monochrom (246) with a 28mm Biogon with no filters and walked around the facility some more. The storage building had multiple floors and a few interesting angles.

Before leaving the storage area, I decided to drive around to see if there is anything interesting. To my surprise, the distance between these rows of storage units and the time of day happened to create this wonderful shadow. I should have moved my car forward just a tiny bit, perhaps.

Second floor revealed all kinds of weirdness. This is a view from the second floor onto the first.

Floor level windows looked weird. In reality, they're quite small. I knew that when I take the picture it will make the window look unusually large. 

The interior of the storage facility is very chaotic. It is also painted with white color, which makes all the dirt to be more visible. I love how the light played inside.