Rainy Monochrom Sunday. Day 15

There is nothing unusual to have rain at the end of January in Los Angeles. After all, it supposed to be the rain season. Nevertheless, the past few years proved to be extremely lacking in the rain agenda causing an enormous drought in Southern California. I woke up this morning like a child on the Chrismas day. We crawled out of bed and went for breakfast to the Kings Road Cafe. I never mentioned it, but Kings Road has the best coffee in town. If you're ever in my part of town - try it out. It's on the corner of Kings Rd. and Beverly Blvd. 

Fast forward - I got myself sick and tested Leica Monochrom (246) in the pouring rain. Conclusion - MM (246) survives the rain just fine. Me? Not so much.

I've also concluded - rain is the perfect time to take pictures with the Monochrom. Just look at these values and details.