Monochrom Monday. Day 9

Another Monday lunch walk. As I have expected it becomes harder to pick things I haven't photographed yet. I have two lenses - Zeiss Biogon 28 mm and Zeiss Planar 50 mm. I also have a set of different colored filters for black and white photography by B+W, which leaves me with the possible combination of the lens, filter, weather and a path I take. You'd think that's enough variables to keep me busy for eternity, but the reality of my lunch walk is the following: Redondo Beach is boring (at least part of it where I walk). I take an hour long lunch break, which limits my potential radius I can explore. I mean, I have to eat as well. Also, 11:30 am is not the best time to do photography. Earlier doesn't quite work for me. Who goes to lunch at 9 am? Later during the day, say 3 pm would make me starve to death. The 3-4 pm has much better lighting, at least during winter. Maybe I'll try that someday.

Today I have picked my 50 mm Planar with a B+W #16 orange filter.

Open garages is a very interesting theme. They're all unique and tell something about the people leaving there. Talking about skeletons in the closet...

This tree looked very lonely. I wonder if the owners dress it as a christmas tree.

I prefer to shoot horizontal, but sometimes the composition calls for the portrait mode. Also portraits call for the portrait mode. 

When I walked by this lawn, I could not resist but take this picture. The lawn, the furniture, the pristine paint of the house and the arrangement of things - a house that belongs to a perfectionist. 

From time to time the 11 o'clock walk does create some interesting shadows.

This balcony goes around the house. I'd say it is very New Orleans, aside from the architectural details. If you look at the palm leaves you'll notice delicate highlights and shadows that are just above and below the value of the sky.

Two bottom pictures show the difference between two times of the day. I took the first picture before lunch and the second - right after the lunch. Because of the difference in the shadow play I've framed photographs differently, showing values that were important on each particular occasion. 

In theory, the more I vary the time of the day, the more variations of the neighborhood I'll be able to capture. 

Equipment used:
Leica Monochrom Typ246
Zeiss Planar T* 2/50 ZM Lens
B+W #16 Orange Filter