Monochrom Friday. Day 7

Today's walk for lunch resulted in a large number of keepers. Let's start with the illusionary split image below. Redondo Beach has a few hills, which can result in one house's ground level being much higher than its neighbor.

I adore contrast and shape simplicity. This is exactly what the image below represents.

I've tried to capture this magnificent tree many times. Today I brought a 28mm lens with me. Otherwise it wouldn't fit. 

The usual view point for me. Wish there were no bushes in front of this window. This house actually has 3 windows like that and all of them have bushes that are not aligned with the window - perfectionist's nightmare! 

I love when perspective line coinside with perspective lines of the lens.

I plan to have a dedicated tree gallery soon. Two bottom images will end up there for sure. A theme of nature being trapped inside the concrete of the city is all throughout most of my nature work.

How lucky should I have been to find a freshly paved empty parking lot at 11:30am? This lucky!

The opposing contrast is almost like a chess board. It has a bit of Dali theme with the horizontal line slowly melting down. It made positive white space look much heavier and pushing on the black negative space.

This is my favorite selfie. Not often do you come by a huge mirror just laying on the ground.

The lighting made this look very cozy. I could not resist to take a snap.

Today's lighting and a 28mm lens made my usual daily theme of spaces between houses at the Redondo Beach worth of another shot. 

Before leaving home, I walked around the block and found this. There are many things I like about this image. Shapes and lighting played out just perfect.