Monochrom Thursday. Day 6

Today was great. I took a 28mm Zeiss with a dark red B+W filter. I usually use 50mm lens 90% of the time, but today wanted something different. Since I walk this path 4 times a week I need to be original with my lenses, bust most importantly with what I find interesting. 

This house is the first building on my way to lunch. I've captured it many many times, but I think today, for the first time I actually got what I wanted.  

The First Building

A red filter makes very casual things look interesting during sunny weather. If the sky has just a bit of the cloud you may get a nice texture. 

Usual Redondo Houses

It is hard to see, but these two plants on the foreground are full of bees.

The Bees

The Star-looking Palm Tree

The Fish Shop is my favorite lunch place. They have best fish dishes in town and are in walkable distance from the office.  

The Fish Shop at the Redondo Beach

The Roof of the Fish Shop at Redondo Beach

The Crow on the Tree

The Dead Tree

The House behind the White Fence

I'm sure that you've seen this palm tree many times. I've done this picture three times already on my 50mm. I think it works much better with the 28mm.  

Palm Tree between Two Buildings

This a very beautiful tree, which I wanted to capture for some time.  

Night Tree

Somewhere near my home I got a chance to shoot this. I called it "The Visitor" 

The Visitor