Monochrom Wednesday. Day 5

On Wednesdays, I work from home and don't have much travel to take any photographs. I'm already tired of my apartment, which means that with an exception of me occasionally photographing my wife, you won't see much of it. 

My Wife - Camilla

What I realized today is that I can go to my apartment's roof and take a few shots there. It ended up quite an interesting location, which I may revisit in the future (next Wednesday, I presume)

View on Century City from my rooftop

Adjacent building has an apartment on the roof. That was a surprise. 

Rooftop Apartment

Looking East from my rooftop. 

My Neighbors on the east. 

There are so many AC units on the roof that it took me a while to even notice one, yet to photograph it. 

Mesh on the AC unit.