Monochrom Tuesday. Day 4

Today was more about shapes and textures. As soon as I saw this maze of dried roots I knew it would turn out great on Leica Monochrom.

Dried Roots

Every time I go to lunch I pass this beautiful house. Before today, I used to walk on the opposite side of the street, which makes the house be covered with hundreds of electrical wires.

I took about 10 pictures of this root before I got the perfect angle.

Tree Root

Tonight was quite foggy. The moon shined through very thin sheet of clouds giving a very soft but directional lighting.


Last peek down the Stanford before I go home.

Night on Stanford

Every time I tried to take this picture I have either messed up the exposure or have messed up the focus. Having access to the location whenever you want makes one very sloppy. Today I finally got it. It was dark and I had to shoot with 1/15 sec shutter speed. Maybe tomorrow I'll snap it with a tripod, closed aperture and longer exposure to get the foreground trees in focus.