Monochrom Monday. Day 3

I continue my almost-daily photo-blog with the Monday. Monday through Friday are work days. So my driving paths and things I see are very similar. Aside from places I go for lunch, there are very little deviations in weather - I see same things every day. I bet every day it will be more and more challenging.

Fish Shop in Redondo Beatch

On my way back I always pass the world smallest library. Judging by the always-changing set of books there - people do use this library. I think this is awesome!

World Tiniest Library

Redondo Beach has very nice communities of very thin, but tall buildings. This is a very nice coincidence I could not miss.

Palm Tree Growing Between Two Buildings.

Trash Cans on Boardwalk. 

It is still dark when I go home. That will change closer to the summer. This empty parking lot looked very nice from this distance. A lot of negative space around it made it look ver interesting and condensed. 

Parking Lot at Night

Lonely light pole created a very interesting toned-down gray scales. Notice weird lens flare. This was caused by dirt on my window. This was shot from my car. 

Another traffic light presented another opportunity to capture this lonely figure.

Lonely Figure at Night on La Cienega Blvd.