Driving Home

Driving every day the same route can get repetitive. What keeps me from getting bored is trying to find something interesting and unique every time - something I have not seen yesterday. One day I may observe fellow drivers and find some interesting characters. Other days I may simply enjoy traffic patterns or some unusual shadows here in there. Never have I tried to capture it.

This is how my drive starts. It will actually get lighter and lighter from now on. This street will change and will be quite bright and less dramatic in the summer when days become longer.

Just another snap before I get into my car. That tree on the right gives me visual pleasure every day.

I'm about to leave Redonodo Beach. This Shell gas station is a good reference to check for gas prices. I know that by the time I get to West Hollywood prices will be 20 cents higher. Also right before I hit Interstate 5 I'll see a gas station with prices of around 10 cents less. This is where I'll fill up my car.

I know that driving and shooting is not the best idea, but I wanted to see how the motion blur will turn out. This photo actually surprised me as I expected it to be much more blurry. 

A random driver is probably thinking about the purpose of a never ending traffic jam. La Cienega Blvd can by quite brutal at this time of the day. 

I'm almost home. Less traffic. My inly chance to snap a picture is at the traffic light.