Brainstorm School - DC1 - W2 - Homework

This particular homework was very intensive and important. After about 20 thumbnail you start to understand that you need to change something in your workflow to get to ~150 thumbnails before time runs out. It makes you appreciate the use of Lasso Tool vs Brush Tool. Gradients are also a big help. Generally, for very quick and rough sketches I found that it's easier to do a quick shape with a Lasso Tool and then fix it with a brush. 

New Year Resolution

It has been probably 15 or more years since I used a Wacom or painted anything. Two years ago I had glitch when I painted with acrylics on a self made canvas. But this was rather a glitch. I tend to have these from time to time and jump on to learning or doing completely weird stuff. Anyways, at the turn of the 2016 I made a decision to get back to doing art, art direction and concept design. This had sort of become my new year's resolution. This doesn't necessarily have to be a career decision. I just remembered that I enjoyed painting a lot. Besides, being able to express your thoughts visually is a handy skill to have.

As a first step, I took Intro to Environment Painting class by Maciej Kuciara . It's an on line, do-at-your-own-pace kind of class, which is great. I'll be posting home work here from time to time.